About Pastor Evelyn Bengesa & Shekinah Glory, Inc.

I came to America for business and a vacation. While my business agenda did not work out the way I intended, it worked the way God wanted it to work (according to God's will). The bible states that God's thoughts are not our thoughts and our thoughts are not God's thoughts.
My first church was The Rock Church http://www.rockchurch.com/, in San Bernardino, after joining the Rock Church, God started to give me, and my family assignments to do in that Church. It was a pleasure to be a servant in God's house and to do what God
wanted us to do, which was by divine appointment. We grew spiritually, with the spiritual support and encouragement from the senior pastors.  Always remember, when you put your hands on Gods things in Gods house, he will promote you to another level, from glory to glory. As for me and my family, God has promoted us to another level, so we moved to the growing city of Beaumont, with the exception of my oldest daughter, who resides in Missouri, and is doing Gods will in Missouri.  In the midst of our move to Beaumont, God planted us at Crossroad Christian Church  http://www.crossroadcc.net/, which we currently attend. We have grown to love the church, and its pastors, my family and I  have been growing spiritually in the things of God. I  am currently a pastor and a volunteer with the Crossroad Christian Church, where we also minister to the various local and long distant nursing homes, as well as teaching the word of God and outreach; in addition, I am also an intercessor for my local church. During my free time I enjoy inviting people to church, and passing out church flyers, and bringing salvation, in Jesus Christ’s name, I also enjoy bringing new souls into his kingdom. I am on this earthly planet to do my heavenly father’s will, not my will.
All Glory goes to God, for he continually promotes my family to higher levels, my passion grows each and every day for doing his work and will, and preaching the Gospel. My passion excels for people to be served the word of God and to help the local community and third world countries with the word of God. My vision for Africa is to be a helping hand and to establish an orphanage home, for the less fortunate children in Africa, if God willing.I would like to thank everyone who came through my path, and encouraged me, as well as stood in the gap for me,  God transforms
lives, including mine from a politician on a business/vacation to America to Gods servant in America.
What my heavenly father started, he will accomplish, and I am just a vessel, in Jesus Christ’s’ name Amen.

Books Program for Africa

Books Program for Africa
At the present moment one of our programs is the "books for all program." Books for all focuses on providing books to children in Africa who need them the most on a large scale. This program allows us to mail all used, new, beyond repiar books to schools all over the world, the first continant we are working with right now is Africa, country's such as: Zimbabwe, South Africa and Uganda Our plans are to eventually be in all continents with this program. Schools in Africa are overcrowded and suffer from limited resources, the most important limited resources include books. Our main foucs is the rural areas were its a challenge for children to have books and a vast majority of the African population still reside. Parents in Africa have to pay tuition for public or private schools; in addition, to providing uniforms that are mandatory and required by the schools. If their parents can not afford, the childs future is at jeopardy leaving the child no option but to start working at a young age and never getting the right education. As an organization we believe in education and knowledge through books, which unlike money can be an instant gratification. The wealth of information recieved from books can last a lifetime. If you would like to help us with this program, all we ask is for some books, used or new, please mail them to 643 Canyon Crest Rd, Beaumont, Ca, 92223 or you can make a small donation at the bottom of this page and recieve your receipt, we thank you in advance.

Clothes for those in need:

Clothes for those in need:
This is a program we created to help third world country's have church clothes, work clothes, to have clothing, period!, we take advantage of our blessed situation here in America and yet in third world country's, clothing is hard to come by, its expensive and the averege house hold can not afford it, this program has also allowed us as an organization to acknowledge individuals here at home, with the goal of mailing clothing items to third world country, we also help clothe individuals here in America, for free, we have a program the gives out used career outfits for people on job searches, prisoners and less privilaged, we accept any clothing donations. clothes for America please mail to Shekinah Glory at 643 Canyon Crest Rd, Beaumont, Ca 92223. To donate clothes for thrid world county's please mail clothes to Shekinah Glory 643 Canyon Crest Rd, Beaumont, Ca, 92223. Thank you, yes we also accept donations, these help us out with all the shipping costs and packing materials, you can make your donations through our pay-pal account or write a check to Shekinah Glory 643 Canyon Crest Rd, BEAUMONT. Ca 92223. thank you

Bibles for all Program Mark 16 vs 15

Bibles for all  Program Mark 16 vs 15
MARK 16 vs 15 (KJV) "And he said unto them, go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature". This program is just like our books for all program, same concept, exept this time around we want to make sure that everyone gets a bible, because of the lack of resources(that are found in these country's) we are starting in 3rd world country's, we are starting in rural churches like the one you see in the picture, unlike America, there are no bibles available in these churches for the congragation, our goal is to at least provide one bible for each family, then eventually one bible for each person. If you have a Bible donation you would like to make, new or used, please mail to 643 Canyon Crest Rd, Beaumont, Ca, 92223. Thank you

My four daughters- Program

My  four daughters- Program
Pastor Evelyn and her husband Bill Bengesa have five children, one son and four daughters, this program is as serious to her as it is passionate, the name comes from Pastor Evelyns Daughters, four young ladies, that all yet from the same mother and father have four interesting and different personalities and ambitions in life, thus the analogy is this program reaches out to all the women, no matter of age, color or background. Pastor Evelyn works with women from all over, she counsels them as she would her own daughters, our organization, knows and understands the challanges every woman goes thourogh in life, with this Pastor Evelyn offers free counseling services geared to women and the challnges life brings upon them, my four daughters ministry represents the key factor of individualism, uniqueness and creativitey. Yet the one thing that is shared is the aspect of womanhood. this program has sub-programs such as;" Second chance"-prison outreach,"well - kept woman"- sister mentoship, "Serenity" -addiction outreach, "Gracious Brides"-bridal sponsership, "Mothers of the community"- Motherhood mentoship, "Mission help"- bare necessities. Thank- you for your support we do accept donations to assist in our programs, you can make your check payable to Shekinah Glory 643 Canyon Crest Rd, Beaumont, Ca 92223 or if you have donations, please mail them to 643 Canyon Crest Rd, Beaumont, Ca 92223

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